Top 5 Design Moments From 2021

Top 5 Design Moments From 2021

April 1, 2024
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Even though we’re a couple weeks into 2022, we’re still reminiscing about 2021; especially about our favorite design moments…so why not share them with you? 

Every year gets better & better- we have AMAZING clients (shout-out to you) and from those amazing clients comes amazing relationships, projects, makeovers, & more! So let’s take a walk down memory lane & see our top 5 design moments from 2021.


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It’s no secret that we love wallpaper, especially in bathrooms! This blue wallpaper bathroom just has a calm but playful vibe that we’ll never be over. The pattern has a fun, geometric vibe that contrasts with the brass hardware without becoming too busy. This will forever be in our hearts!

IMG_0503 (4).jpg
IMG_0466 (3).jpg
IMG_0393 (4).jpg

Some projects have more *messy moments* than others- and that’s okay! This kitchen remodel went through every design phase in the book- demo, conceptual, install, styling, etc. This kitchen’s remodel timeline ended up being longer than expected but everything came together in the end, making the finished kitchen one of our absolute FAVORITE moments!

IMG_7184 (2).jpg

IMG_7060 (2).jpg


There’s something so special about family projects. Our owner/lead designer, Emilee, gave her brother a surprise bedroom makeover and it’s the ultimate cool dude space. Alec gave her full creative control and had no idea what the space would look like until the final reveal…now that’s called trust. Here’s to more family based projects!




Few things compare to the feeling of when a BIG project wraps and the finished space is revealed. This basement project was a huge one for surrreee. We went from an unfinished basement to a fully renovated basement containing a guest bedroom, full bathroom, bar area, family room and laundry. Lots of space, lots of decisions, but lots of creativity!

IMG_8383 (1).jpg
IMG_8675 (2).jpg



Last but certainly not least- this very fun, eclectic living room makeover! Our client has traveled all over the world and collected so many unique pieces over the years with her family. Bringing in new pieces that contrast and compliment their collected accessories was such a fun process…and the final product was *chef’s kiss*....we’ll be dreaming about it for a very long time.

IMG_7685-2 (3).jpg

IMG_7674-2 (1).jpg
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