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The essence of your best life lived within the walls of your home.

Emilee Neubert, the heart and soul behind Winland Designs, brings to life spaces that are effortlessly organic, soulful, yet entirely functional. Inspired by her passion for creating spaces where families can truly thrive, Emilee infuses every project with a sense of creativity, love, and a piece of herself. Her dedication is mirrored in the gardens she cultivates and the bread she bakes - an embodiment of nurturing and growth. This philosophy is at the core of Winland Designs, where each project is more than just a task; it's a canvas for storytelling and personal expression.

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Design Philosophy

Winland Designs is built on the principle of 'Meraki' - doing something with soul, creativity, or love. It's about embedding a piece of ourselves in our work, ensuring every space we design is deeply personal and reflective of our clients.

Our values are rooted in creating designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally conscious and supportive of local art and craftsmanship .

Each space tells a story.

We believe in creating spaces that are authentic to the individual. By listening closely to our clients, we craft designs that reflect their stories, ensuring their homes are true extensions of themselves.

Harmony with nature.

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond the use of eco-friendly materials. We strive for designs that harmonize with their surroundings, promoting balance and wellbeing, making every home a nurturing environment.

Celebrating local talent.

Emphasizing the importance of community, we incorporate the works of local artists into our designs. This not only supports the local art scene but also gives each project a unique character and a sense of place.

Our team

Who you're working with...

Winland Designs invites you to be part of a design experience where your story is the inspiration for our creation. Let us transform your space into a testament to your life, filled with beauty, functionality, and a deep sense of personal belonging.

Hi, I'm Emilee

Owner, Lead Designer
I enjoy creating effortlessly organic, soulful, but functional spaces for families so they can live their best lives in their homes. I believe a home should be the place where you can unwind, recharge and be your best authentic self. In my free time I enjoy working on my organic garden, baking homemade sourdough bread and traveling with my husband.

What clients are saying...

"I had the privilege to work with Emilee on several designs for a client. I love her creativity and the professionalism and kindness with which she approaches her projects."

Mariette Grayling

"Emilee was so amazing to work with! She has helped me style so many of my rooms & I will for sure be using her services in my next home! Couldn't recommend her more! :)"

Maddy Corbin

"Emilee and her design team did an incredible job with my home. The interior designs I ended up with were above and beyond expectation and I could not be happier with the end result. Not to mention, the entire design and install process was easy, professional, and modernized."

Gaebler Capital

"I used Winland Designs on a limited basis, not a full scale design and she gave me exactly what I needed for my space. I have a new home but with existing furniture that I didn't want to replace and Emilee was able to work with me on a design that would fit the space and our lifestyle and make the room more cozy and less like a builder grade home. I contacted her initially on a more thorough design for the living room and possibly bedroom but after thinking a bit more, I needed help with the design and less about managing the vendors coming into the space. so I ended up with the E-Design where I took the measurements of the space and pictures of the existing room and design and then had a Pinterest board of ideas I liked. She came up with a new layout to the furniture, more decorative pieces, and a better wall colour for the space. The paint colour is a great addition and really makes the space feel like a home. After the initial design concept, I wanted another option for a mirror and rug and a fake plant to be added and Emilee provided exactly what we were looking for. I would say we ended up buying about 80% of the items and used the paint colour recommended and it turned out great! Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures but I would definitely use Winland Designs again and have told a few friends about how easy the design process was!"