Is Hiring an Interior Designer Worth It?

Is Hiring an Interior Designer Worth It?

Emilee. Winland Designs
June 7, 2024
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Text: Is hiring an interior designer worth it?


We live in an age of DIY home makeovers. How-To’s can be found in just about any format- Youtube videos, Instagram captions, blog posts and even TikTok videos! With an endless amount of information on home design, decor and remodeling- why would you ever need to hire an Interior Designer? 

Of course, being designers ourselves we are a little biased but we truly believe in the magic that comes when clients and designers work together! Let’s break down why hiring an Interior Designer is worth it.

Decisions, decisions, decisions…

Whether your project is a small powder room or a spacious great room, there are lots of decisions to be made before your vision can become a reality! Most people expect they will need to pick out flooring, furniture, & decor. But the details of those options can get very overwhelming very quickly. For example- you decide that porcelain tiles would be great for your kitchen remodel. But what size would be proportionate to your space? What type of grout do you need? Should the tiles be installed before or after the cabinets? Not to mention there’s thousands of places to buy tile from. What do you do if the tile you like is out of stock? 

One of the biggest parts of a designer’s job is helping you work out all the details in your decisions. A designer can source your products (not to mention that designers have access to designer-only trade vendors with AWESOME discounts- “Bye Bye” retail shopping!), find alternatives, work with installers + project manage & much more. All the decisions become manageable with a designer keeping your project organized!

What is my style?...

Some people know what their design style is down to the smallest details. While other people find themselves lost in the different options. One way isn’t better than the other! For those who know their style like the back of their hand- designers are there to guide them towards the best options and even inspire them to add touches of other styles to create a curated mix. For those who don’t know where to start, designers are there to get to know the client by asking questions and creating different concepts. Good design comes from a good relationship between the client and the designer. Designers are there to be your creative tool! 

If I do it myself I can save money…

Yes- DIY’ing your project might save you money, but if something goes wrong, the redo of your remodel will be an unhappy bill. Hiring a reputable designer is investing your money towards concepts, detailed plan drawings, 3D renderings, installation teams, an organized timeline, managing budgets, revisions & so much more. Just so you know- design doesn’t have to break your bank! There’s budget friendly design options that will give your home the remodel it deserves. E-Design is an excellent example of this. With E-Design, you receive concepts, plans, 3D renderings & clickable shopping lists without the added costs of an installation day, meetings, product ordering, shipping management, etc. You get the design help you need without the costs of a full demo/remodel. 

Another great budget friendly option is “à la carte”. Here you can pick and choose what parts of the design process you want! Just want floor plans- great! Only looking for furniture specs & paint selections- amazing! You will only be paying for what you pick out and your home will benefit from the designs. 

Don’t get us wrong- here at Winland Designs, we LOVE a good DIY project. Quite a few spaces in our own homes have been DIY’ed and we truly enjoy the process (most of the time). Because honestly, there’s so much you can do by yourself and the results will be awesome. There’s certain projects that need outside help in order to be organized, detailed, & reflect who you are in the best way possible! That’s where Interior Designers come in. We are here to bring your vision to life and take all of your design-dilemma stress off your shoulders. Whether that’s through a new-build, remodel, space planning and more. Designers are creative tools that you can use to make the most out of your project!

Thinking about hiring a designer? Contact us at for more information on how we can best work together.

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