3 Easy Houseplants Your Home Needs

3 Easy Houseplants Your Home Needs

Emilee. Winland Designs
April 1, 2024
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House plants are one of the most versatile ways to level-up your space! They bring in greenery, a fresh feel & some are even air purifying. Plants seem to be the easy answer to every question...have an empty corner?: Plant. Need to add height to your decor?: Plant. Looking to hang something from your ceiling?: Plant. 

There’s only one tricky side to have to take care of them. Some people seem to have a magical “green thumb” while others don’t! All you need to grow a “green thumb” is the right plants and the right information! Here’s our top 3 houseplants that are sure to bring new life to your home…




 1. The good ol’ ZZ 

The ZZ plant is FAMOUS for being the go-to plant for beginners! And for good reason- this leafy cutie will thrive in any light conditions, only needs watered about once a month, & can be found at an affordable price at any nursery! 

At 17 I bought a ZZ plant and it’s still going strong...6 years later! 





 2. “Hisss, hissss”, says the Snake Plant

This sturdy plant is basically the sibling to the ZZ, due to the almost identical care needs. The snake plant isn’t picky when it comes to lighting making it great for homes where windows may be lacking in certain areas. 

P.S: It is also SUPER easy to propagate if that’s something you’re interested in. This can make for an awesome gift for friends and family- free plant babies for everyone!





 3. The pretty Pothos

You’re in luck- this is one of the easiest plants to grow AND you get to watch the trailing vine grow. If you’re looking for that “climbing ivy” vibe, this is the plant baby for you! Pothos come in a variety of colorings and they LOVE to grow. They like a medium amount of indirect light and have similar watering needs to the ZZ!

They also look super cool hanging from the ceiling which is a great option to switch things up in your space and add interest. Bonus: they’re considered air purifiers, which means they remove common toxins in the air.


If you have pets, it’s crucial to make sure they won’t dig or try to eat any houseplants (always research toxicity levels for all plants you are considering bringing into your home). I’ve found that a homemade citrus + vinegar spray on plants will deter pets from “playing” with the precious plant.

Don’t let the lack of “green thumb” keep you away from the beauty that plants can bring into your home! Trust us- after awhile you will begin to enjoy caring for your plants and eventually memorize how to care for them. In no time you will become a plant whisperer!

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